Welcome to Travellers’ Tales

Travelling is a bug

…….. and I was bitten by it as long ago as I can remember. My name is Liz and I was born in Kuwait. I had lived in five more countries and visited five others by the time my father retired and we returned to the UK, when I was sixteen.

I continued to travel whenever my finances would allow it, even for a weekend, and for a while, to wherever my employer’s business took me.

I now enjoy living in Spain and experiencing a very different culture to that in Britain.

There’s much of the world I still want to see and I love to hear other people’s travel experiences. In the hopes that fellow travel-lovers would like to read mine and others’ travellers’ tales, I’ve started this website.

As well as articles about places, there will be information on languages, culture, food and anything else that takes my fancy. Please check back often as I will be constantly updating the site.

If you have a traveller’s tale which you would like to have published here, please email me, using the Contact button on the Main Menu.

Enjoy browsing.

Liz Canham